Lana Defends Rusev In Salty Tweet & Calls Life "Unfair"

Despite the rise of Rusev Day last year, The Bulgarian Brute never got that main event push from the WWE, and Lana wasted no time holding back her feelings of frustration.

After Kofi Kingston was screwed again by Vince McMahon on this week's episode of SmackDown Live, Big E took to Twitter and shared a video where he discussed New Day's hard work - but how they haven't been rewarded for it.

Lana responded with a pair of tweets, voicing her frustration about Rusev not getting rewarded despite all of the hard work he's put in.

Rusev and Lana haven't wasted any time expressing their frustrations in WWE. The duo recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast - where Rusev talked about how he feels like he's "the only one that cares about the (United States) title...wanted to make it bigger." Rusev also added that he's worried both the championship belt and he will "get lost."

Lana also added that they would "knock on Vince McMahon's door and fight for it," and "do everything possible." But judging by her latest tweets, it seems like they haven't been able to change McMahon's mind yet.

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Last year, Rusev's popularity skyrocketed once he was paired with Aiden English. "Rusev Day" became one of the hottest things in all of WWE, and his merchandise sales went way up throughout 2018.

But for unknown reasons, WWE stopped pushing Rusev - treating him like an irrelevant superstar. It's easy to understand why he and Lana are frustrated. Rusev worked extensively to get into better shape, all while he was rising to the top as one of WWE's most beloved superstars.

What This Means

Plenty of WWE superstars aren't afraid to open up about their frustrations, especially since many of them seem to be eyeing AEW. But in the case of Rusev, WWE had no reason to stop pushing him, and he deserves the chance to be a main event star. If WWE won't go back to pushing Rusev soon, it's very possible that he departs for another promotion.

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