Lana Blasts WWE 2K19 For Her Character Reveal

Lana will be a playable character on a WWE game for the first time ever this year, but The Ravishing Russian isn't entirely happy about it.

The release of WWE 2K19 is fast approaching, October 5, 2018, and as always with WWE 2K video games, the roster is gradually being revealed. The last couple of weeks have been peppered with announcements of which Superstars, past and present, have made the cut this time around, and we are likely going to see more new faces than ever before judging by what we know so far.

A whole host of NXT Superstars will be making their WWE video game debuts, such as Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Bianca Belair, plus 205 Live competitors such as Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. Another debut of sorts will be Lana's. Although she has appeared on video games in the past as Rusev's valet, she has never been a playable character before, until now.


However, Lana isn't as happy with the news as you might expect. Yes, she is likely thrilled that her fans will be able to play as her for the first time ever in WWE 2K19, but she isn't happy with her appearance. WWE 2K tweeted a screenshot of how Lana will look in-game and The Ravishing Russian has taken offense to it. Once you've heard her explanation, you'll understand why.

WWE 2K's Lana has short hair and as the SmackDown Live Superstar pointed out on Twitter, she has never wrestled with short hair. Instead, she tends to wrestle with long hair tied back in a ponytail. On top of that, WWE 2K has put Lana in ring attire that she has never actually worn to the ring before. The video game company seems to have used an image of Lana that was used for a WWE photoshoot rather than what she actually looks like when competing.

Lana isn't the only person who has voiced a dislike of her WWE 2K19 appearance. Her fans have had her back on Twitter, questioning why 2K would base her character on a random photo rather than on how she looks when competing in the ring. Whether the complaints will make any difference or not is anyone's guess. Most are simply hoping that 2K has included a way to edit pre-made Superstars on this iteration of the game, that way they can make Lana look however they choose.


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