Lana Is Trying To Convince Rusev To Sign A New Contract With WWE [Rumor]

Rusev hasn't been afraid to voice his displeasure and frustration in WWE, and some wonder if The Bulgarian Brute's tenure with Vince McMahon's company is drawing to a close.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio believes that Rusev's contract expires soon, while adding that the former United States Champion is "not happy" in WWE. On top of that, Meltzer suggested that Rusev could head to AEW or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and that both promotions "would want him."

But according to wrestling insider Brad Shepard, Lana is "pushing" her husband to re-sign with WWE. That said, Rusev does expect Lana to "follow him" if discussions don't go well.

This is certainly an interesting tidbit from Shepard, because Lana has also voiced her frustration with WWE's treatment of her husband. Back in March, she tweeted out how life is "unfair" in regards to Rusev working extensively to get better - without getting rewarded from WWE.

Rusev recently expressed his disappointment in losing the United States Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura at the Royal Rumble. The Bulgarian Brute added that along with the title,he's "going to get lost probably too."

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via Last Word on Pro Wrestling

That said, it wouldn't be a surprise if Rusev wound up re-signing with WWE. The company has recently agreed to new long-term deals with Jinder Mahal (five years), Mojo Rawley as well as Mike and Maria Kanellis - even though it was widely believed that the couple were going to leave when their original deals expired.

Even if Rusev has a desire to leave, WWE could offer him tremendous amounts, which could be hard to turn down. But as Jon Moxley showed when he left for AEW, it's not always about the money. Opportunity matters more to some superstars, and there's little doubting Rusev would have it better if he left for NJPW or AEW.

What This Means

It'll be interesting to see where things go from here with Rusev and Lana in contract negotiations with WWE. The only certainty is that they'll either stay together or leave together. We'll find out soon enough if this popular wrestling couple decides to stay in WWE, or if they'll explore better opportunities elsewhere.

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