Lana Wins Her First WWE Match After Four Years

Some WWE Superstars get their first win the day they arrive on the main roster in WWE. For others, it takes some time. For WWE female Superstar Lana, it took just over four years.

Of course, Lana wasn't an in-ring performer when she first arrived in WWE. Instead, she was the ravishing manager of Rusev who was one of those wrestlers who was pushed heavily upon his arrival and call-up from NXT. She spent quite some time with Rusev until she parted ways and went onto try her hand as a singles competitor. That didn't work out as well as she and the WWE might have hoped.

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Clearly a bit less apt to pick up the art of wrestling than some of the other female talent, Lana got points for trying. Still, she was labeled a fairly poor performer and her character on television began to look for advice from the likes of Tamina who taught her how to be a "better wrestler" in exchange for tips on how to be more "Ravishing". Lana made very rare and sporadic appearances and almost always got her lunch handed to her. She was spinning her wheels and it looked like Lana as a wrestler just wasn't going to be an option WWE could call upon as believable.


All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, Rusev struck a chord of popularity with the WWE Universe and Rusev Day was born. He and Lana naturally worked their way back together and were partnered up to be a tag team in the Facebook Live show Mixed Match Challenge. It is here where Lana would make her own bit of personal history.

In a match that saw Lana and Rusev take on Bayley and Elias, Lana used a distraction as Elias tried to enter, she crawled under her opponent’s legs and yanked Bayley’s leg out from under her. Bayley’s head smacked against the top rope which opened the door for Lana to pick up her first victory in WWE!

Lana spoke to Renee Young afterward sharing her thoughts on the incredible moment. "I'm in so much shock... I couldn't believe I actually won. I had tears of joy and tears of shock. I mean, she's just a great competitor." She went on to say that, "these American dreams you guys teach here are true. If you work hard, you can succeed."

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