Lars Sullivan Predicts WWE Main Event Run Within 18 Months

Lars Sullivan made a splash in WWE over the past two weeks. Was it a big enough splash that Vince McMahon sees him as a main event guy in 18 months? If you ask Sullivan himself, he seems to think so.

The latest addition to the SmackDown roster, Sullivan exploded onto the main roster the night after WrestleMania 35. Since that night, he's been on every edition of Raw and SmackDown Live, including this week when he took out Rey Mysterio and R-Truth before officially being named a member of the blue brand talent roster.  There is a risk of WWE overexposing Sullivan to the WWE Universe but the company clearly sees something in him, marketing him as the latest unstoppable monster.

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Vince McMahon seems to like characters like this and Sullivan is likely on his way to a high-profile spot, but how soon before he's challenging in main events? The former NXT giant answered fan comments on Instagram Thursday and when asked if when he will become WWE Champion, he answered, "Within 18 months is my realistic goal."

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He also commented that he thought the Shakeup went "Fantastic / Incredible" and that he's happy to be on SmackDown, officially.

What This Means

While Sullivan might be good with finally landing on one show, the rest of the roster probably isn't pleased. He's been mowing down Superstar after Superstar and leaving a wake of bodies in his path. It's not great for talent on that particular brand to wonder if and when they'll be the next star fed to Sullivan. They know it's probably coming, just not how quickly.

The only person who might not be too worried is Roman Reigns. Reigns was the big acquisition for the brand on Tuesday and while Kofi is the Champion, it's Reign's yard now. Sullivan might actually be off on his prediction. If WWE needs some to take the title off Kingston before giving it to Reigns, Sullivan might be the guy.

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