Titus O'Neil Applauds Lars Sullivan & WWE For Handling Of Recent Controversy

Titus O'Neil has applauded Lars Sullivan for seeking out Superstars backstage to apologize for offensive comments he made in the past.

One of the biggest stories in wrestling over the past few weeks has revolved around Lars Sullivan. More specifically, some extremely offensive comments he made on a bodybuilding message board years ago. Odd since these remarks were originally unearthed in 2018. It would seem that his official arrival on WWE's main roster has resulted in them doing the rounds once again.

This time the posts have garnered so much attention that WWE has not been able to ignore them. There are even reports that major sponsors approached WWE asking how it planned to react. Well, it has reacted, and in a pretty major way. WWE revealed via a statement earlier this week that it had fined Sullivan $100,000. Sullivan is also attending mandatory sensitivity training.

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Punishing Sullivan for his comments is all well and good, but has he learned from his mistakes? According to Titus O'Neil, it would seem so. O'Neil took to Twitter on Wednesday and revealed that Sullivan approached him and others so that he could apologize. "I applaud you for seeking out myself and others on the WWE roster to not only sincerely apologize, but also seek guidance," O'Neil wrote.

Not only did O'Neil acknowledge Sullivan's efforts to grow and move on, but he also thanked Vince McMahon for taking action. Considering some of the comments made by Sullivan were direct shots at specific people he now shares a locker room with, the reactions of both Lars and WWE were extremely important. Had the whole situation been swept under the rug, there would have been a lot of bad feeling backstage.

News of Sullivan showing genuine remorse for the things he said is a great sign. We all say stupid things when we're young, we just hope he doesn't still believe in those things now that years have passed. Judging by O'Neil's tweet, Sullivan is genuinely sorry he said those things. Far better than being sorry he got caught saying them like a certain someone else was accused of doing by certain Superstars recently.


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