Rumor: Lashley Vs Lesnar Dream Match Won't Happen

Fans will be disappointed to learn that Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar may not be in the making for the WWE despite the talk regarding a prime matchup between the two.

Lashley announced his return to the company on the Monday Night Raw after  WrestleMania earlier this month by making a quick example of Elias, leading to speculation of a bout between himself and the Universal champion.

Lesnar, who retained his championship belt in the headline event at WrestleMania against Roman Reigns, also signed a new contract with the WWE. It was thought Lashley would challenge the Beast Incarnate, however, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that isn’t the case and we won’t get to see the returning star take on the Universal Champ.


The report says WWE plans to have Lesnar lose to two other fighters before he leaves the show, but Lashley isn’t one of them. Reigns, of course, is extremely likely to be one of them, while the other should be someone who could use a push with a victory against the champ.

As things stand, it isn’t clear what the WWE has planned for Lesnar after his Steel Cage match against Reigns at the Greatest Royal Rumble, an event set for April 27, 2018, in Saudi Arabia.

Lashley, meanwhile, revealed that Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman would reach out to him while he was still fighting in Impact. That was also taken to be an encouraging sign. Heyman also signed a short-term deal with the company, but it’s also not clear what will happen to him if Lesnar does leave. Managing Bobby Lashley, perhaps?

“Paul will reach out to me out of nowhere with a tweet or text. Those are the times where Brock kind of pisses him off a little bit. Then he calls me and sees how I'm doing," Lashley told Main Event Radio late last year.

“Then, him and Brock makeup and he disappears. I think Paul says if Brock pisses him off enough and he needs to bring someone in to shut him up I'm the man. But then they makeup and he leaves me alone.”

While there might not be any immediate plans to pit Lashley against Lesnar, it’s still a grand idea. If fans call for it enough, WWE may have no choice but to make it happen.


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