Lawyer Breaks Down McGregor v Chiesa Legal Battle: What To Expect

On Monday night, Michael Chiesa's attorney officially filed a lawsuit against Conor McGregor, McGregor Sports and Entertainment, BSE Global and Barclays Center. The UFC fighter is suing after the incident that occurred back in April in Brooklyn, where a dolly was thrown into a bus, injuring some of the passengers on board and dramatically changing the UFC 223 fight card.

Among the claims made against McGregor and the accompanying parties, the suit outlines that those being sued are guilty of negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery.

The Sportster spoke with legal expert Dmitriy Shakhnevich, Esq. and host of The Fight Lawyer Podcast by Dmitriy Shakhnevich on Apple Podcasts and got some of the details as to what people can expect heading into and coming out of this trial.

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Mainly, Shakhnevich says this lawsuit is against McGregor but it does include a number of other parties. "Chiesa sued “John Does,” which is what lawyers do when they want to sue somebody but don’t know the exact name/identity of that person," Shakhnevich said. That would include anyone with McGregor when all of this went down and the building where the incident took place. Shakhnevich also suggested that the reason the UFC is not being sued is that of a previously worked out agreement or simply that Chiesa didn't want to sue his employer.

While McGregor had to perform five days of community service and undergo three days of anger management courses as a result of his attack, he could be in for more legal complications. Could this go to trial, it would mean days of testimony but Shakhnevich suggests this lawsuit will get settled quickly and that all the parties named in the suit were named so as not to limit the source Chiesa had to recover money. Between McGregor's deep pockets and The Barclays Center, Chiesa is taking everyone to task and that he's looking to maximize his ability to make some money out of this lawsuit.

The idea here is that Chiesa is suing "everyone under the sun" in hopes that because this is such a high-profile matter, and because no specific dollar amount was mentioned in the lawsuit, they'll wait for all the defendants to respond.

Shakhnevich also suggests that because McGregor did admit guilt to this in a criminal case, he really no defenses in a civil suit. This will all just be "a matter of how quickly Conor’s lawyers decide to settle this and how reasonable the demands of Chiesa’s lawyers will be."


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