LeBron James Agrees With Kobe & Magic's Critique Regarding His Role

LeBron James has admitted that he understands the logic behind recent comments from Lakers legends regarding his workload this season.

The 33-year-old has been doing it all for his new team since the beginning of the campaign, prompting both Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant to air some strong views. Johnson, the team's president, recently insisted that he isn't looking for a situation similar to the one the player had in Cleveland while Bryant has said that the former Cavs star doing everything is "not the recipe for winning championships".

"It is a recipe to keep your head above water, to give yourself a little breathing room, and now it's going back to teaching how to play the way that we want to play," Bryant said.


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While James agrees with his mentors, he continues to claim that he has no problems with his workload and simply wants to play.

"I don't know what asking me to do too much is, to be honest," he said, per ESPN. "I just play my game.

"I understand the logic behind it. I understand what Magic and Kobe are saying because we want to continue to grow the young guys. We want to see how much our young guys can grow and be the best they can be. I mean, Magic and Kobe know who I am. I know who I am. They know what they're going to get out of me.

"That is, you know what you're going to get out of me every game. Am I going to play well every game? Am I going to shoot the ball well every game? No. But you know who I am, and when it's time to - when it's really, really, really money time, you know who is going to be there.

"So we got guys who just want to continue to develop and guys that continue to get better and better just from experience. They haven't had a lot of experience. So I think people are trying to blow it out of proportion, like, 'OK, why do you have LeBron if you don't want to use him?' They don't understand the logic behind it."

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What This Means

James is one of the most durable athletes the NBA has ever seen. Even at 33, he continues to play at the highest level and seems like he could go on forever.

The Lakers, though, do have a plan in mind and are looking to get all of their players fully involved. That will benefit them in the long run, especially in the post-LeBron years when players like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart - providing they're still around - will be the team's leaders.


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