LeBron James & Anthony Davis Add Speculation Of Future Pairing With After Game Dinner

Los Angeles Lakers' forward, LeBron James, and New Orleans' center, Anthony Davis, reportedly met for dinner in L.A. after their match-up at the Staples Center.

Yahoo Sports reports that the two met up for a late night dinner following their game where the Lakers defeated the Pelicans by a score of 112 to 104. This has the NBA world buzzing after all the speculation this past week of Davis being recruited by James to come to the Lakers.

This news comes after speculation of the Pelicans looking to acquire pieces to surround Davis with for the time being. This dinner-date is just the latest example of the James and Davis saga that has transpired this past week.


This all began with James' interview with Dave McMenamin of ESPN, stating that it would be "amazing" to have Davis join him on the Lakers. That quote has had a bunch of teams complaining to the league office about James committing tampering.

They're saying this because James owns a part of the agency that they're both represented by. Those GMs are concerned about having the big market teams colluding against them to steal their top-players away from them.

This is a very logical complaint from those small market teams. Those big market teams can already offer a lot more than those small market teams can, so having superstars tampering with how they recruit other superstars to their big market team would be another thing against them.

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With all of that considered, when Davis was asked about James' comment he stated that he didn't care all that much about it. He also spoke about how his main interest is trying to improve his team, and that he's not focusing on his future right now.

James has been known to be the franchise player and leader of every team that he has appeared on. Yet, this latest example of that has drawn the biggest media attention so far. Still, we won't likely know the outcome of all of this until Davis is ultimately traded or after he opts-out of his contract after next season.

What This Means

James and Davis meeting for dinner in L.A. could actually just be two friends getting together after a game and discussing everything but basketball. But, knowing how James works, that probably wasn't the case.

It's very likely that he was attempting to convince Davis further to either demand a trade to the Lakers or sign with them when he is eligible to opt-out of his contract. Either way, we wouldn't be surprised if James is doing everything he can do to get Davis in a Lakers uniform as soon as he can.


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