LeBron James Has The Perfect Response To LA Fans Who Say He Won't Be Loyal To Lakers

When asked if LeBron James had anything to say to fans who think he won't be loyal to the Lakers, he had a very blunt answer.

Los Angeles is the home of—well, many things—bright lights and fame and fortune. Nestled in the luminescence of the limelight and effervescent sheen of superstardom, the proximity of Tinsel Town calls out to even the most sublime … Actors, musicians, sport figures, and even politicians. There’s a bevy of burden that comes with it that is layered with expectations — one of which is loyalty. To be part of the LA culture is to be submerged in it, and when you’re talking sports, more specifically, Los Angeles Laker basketball, the demand of the gold and purple is immediately placed upon you no matter who you are – even if you’re LeBron James.

LeBron James is probably the most notable name in all of basketball, and rightfully so in that James career has been nothing short of astounding, his basketball acumen and prowess impeccable, and his star power unparalleled. But for some Laker fans, none of that matters. What matters to them is two-fold: King James’ loyalty and the Lakers winning.


Well, the latter—winning—the King addressed the public and the fandom during media day on and offered his thoughts on success not just being marked by championships, a candid pontification on what it means to win that is as simple as redefining. We have yet to fully grasp how Laker fans really feel about James redefining success, but in the wake of those comments, he was again challenged and asked the question about his loyalty to the Lakers.

As reported by Clutch Points, LeBron responded accordingly, “Me? Huh? I signed a four-year deal, what more do you want me to do? Listen I signed a four-year deal. I’m here so I know what I bring to the table and the floor.”

And so there you have it, or at least maybe we all should. LeBron James’ response to Laker loyalty is a cordial yet honest reaction from a basketball player that has arguably dominated the league from the moment he stepped on the court as a teenager out of high school. What has to be accounted for is all the years in between that moment and the present – he attributes and accolades over his fifteen plus season career, the championships, the MVP’s, the stats, the pure and unadulterated dominance quite possibly should speak for itself.

However, Laker fans have a lore and legend that they believe in, that’s a tradition upheld dogmatically, and despite the pomp that comes with King James taking over their Laker-kingdom, the denizens of the City of Angels are suspect of his intentions as well as his tenure with their beloved team. Nevertheless, James’ answer speaks to both and to who he is at this point in his career —  he is a staple in basketball as a whole and intentions are at least four years deep into a commitment to further his legacy in the uniform of a Los Angeles Laker.


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