Rumor: Lesnar Has Heated Exchange With Vince McMahon After WrestleMania

One of the stranger moments to come out of last night's WrestleMania was the finish to the main event match that saw Brock Lesnar defeat Roman Reigns and retain the Universal Title. It was a moment that apparently didn't sit well with Vince McMahon who is rumored to have had a heated exchange with Lesnar after the match concluded.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting to have confirmed "with multiple sources that Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon got into a real-life verbal altercation after WrestleMania 34. Details are still scarce, but we’re told Lesnar was livid when he returned to the backstage gorilla position and went off on the WWE Chairman … who was not happy about it."


It sounds like there is some confusion as to why Lesnar was upset. It could have been the reaction to the match, the finish or the fact the Reigns bled but reports are he was not pleased. Further speculation is that he said something to McMahon who did not, in turn, respond kindly and things got out of hand. No punches were thrown, nor was there physical friction, but others in the area needed to calm the situation and separate the two sides.

Fans watching WrestleMania were shocked by the decision to keep the title on Lesnar. Considering he's rumored to be leaving for UFC, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would hand over the belt before going and it was odd that he won the match by, what looked to be an intentional unprotected elbow to the head.


Reigns was bleeding profusely all over himself, the canvas and his opponent thanks to a severe laceration on his head that likely required multiple stitches to close. It was a scene similar to an appearance when Lesnar did the same thing to Randy Orton months back and it cause Chris Jericho to have some friction with Lesnar not knowing the moment was scripted.

What comes next for Lesnar in WWE is completely unaware to most people. Is his win an indication that he's signed to stay on? There is speculation he may have a deal with both UFC and WWE. Or, will Monday's Raw broadcast shed new light on the situation?


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