Brock Lesnar Wins Universal Championship At Crown Jewel Against Braun Strowman

It was either going to be the first run as Universal Champion for Braun Strowman or another controversial run for Brock Lesnar and in the end, WWE went the opposite of most insider's picks and Lesnar defeated Strowman in the Raw main event for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel on Friday.

The match came about as a change when it was revealed Roman Reigns could not fulfill his commitment to this match. His bout with leukemia was going to take him away from WWE and he'd relinquish the title. That made it imperative WWE change the match and a singles bout between the two became official.

The match started unfairly when Baron Corbin blasted Strowman with the Universal belt and Lesnar tried to go for a quick win with two F5's. In both cases, Strowman kicked out and Lesnar grew frustrated as did Paul Heyman at ringside. A third F5 still didn't result in a win and in frustration, Lesnar eventually just dumped Strowman outside the ring. Because there was no champions advantage, it was possible Lesnar could win the title via a count out.

Strowman struggled to make it back, but did and Lesnar had the advantage, going for a fifth F5. The fifth F5 did it and Lesnar became the Universal Champion again.

This result will likely be met with furious fever from the WWE Universe and many will question what the status is for Lesnar and his relationship with WWE. Is he staying? Will he become another champion who never shows up on WWE programming? Some may even suggest the conspiracy theory that maybe a request by the Saudi government was that WWE was paid to make Lesnar the champion. It may not be true, but the decision to put the belt back around the waist of Lesnar is an intriguing one.

A crowd that wasn't all that boisterous, to begin with, sat in silence as Lesnar left the arena the new champion. The rest of the WWE Universe was surprised too.

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