Lex Luger Opens Up On Miss Elizabeth's Death

The wrestling world was shocked when Miss Elizabeth - best known for her marriage and managing of former husband 'Macho Man' Randy Savage - passed away at age 42 from a drug and alcohol overdose.

Elizabeth was living with boyfriend Lex Luger in Marietta, Georgia. But on May 1, 2003, Luger found her unresponsive and called for emergency services. Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to revive the 1987 Woman of the Year, and her life met a tragic and untimely end.

According to friends of Luger and Elizabeth, the two were planning to get married in the near future, but there was well-documented friction in their relationship. Just two weeks before her death, Elizabeth was allegedly beaten by Luger, as authorities came to their home and found bruises and other wounds on her. Luger was charged with battery and fined $2,500.

15 years after her death, Luger appeared on Prime Time with Sean Mooney (h/t PWInsider.com), and detailed his memories on that dark day, in which he was arrested that day after they found illegal substances in their home:

"I was sitting out in my front yard and they told me that she didn't make it. So I remember, when they went through my place, they found all the drugs and alcohol.

That was part of my lifestyle back then. They arrested me on drug possession. I remember sitting in a jail cell that night realizing, wow...this is a really dark time. And I've shared this a couple of times, I thought about, the only time in my life I thought about that...

So I'm in the jail cell and I actually thought, wow, there's no camera in here, maybe...I was trying to think of a way to end it.

I thought about climbing up, there's a dividing wall in this little cell I was in by myself that set the toilet off. I thought about maybe if I could climb up on top of that divider wall and put my hands behind my head and fall head first on the cement floor, I could end it all. I didn't do that, but I sure thought about it."

Luger also said he was in "isolation," and found it miraculous that he didn't overdose during his days of partying and taking drugs. On top of that, Luger added that he and Savage always had a good relationship - despite the well-known jealousy the Macho Man had if other wrestlers went near Elizabeth during their marriage.

via PWPIX.net

In 2007, Luger suffered a spinal stroke and was left a quadriplegic, but he has since recovered and is able to walk away. He know works with the WWE's wellness policy and has thankfully been able to escape his troubled pasts.

As for Savage and Elizabeth, both of them left lasting impressions in the WWE, and they certainly won't ever be forgotten.


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