Lio Rush Comments on Rumors He's Got Backstage Heat In WWE

There were rumors Lio Rush may have gotten himself in hot water behind the scenes in WWE. It sounds like he's not taking the rumors lightly.

If you've followed Lio Rush’s career in WWE, you know he has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. Almost like he's taking lessons on how not to behave backstage from Enzo Amore, Rush has a propensity for acting like he's uniquely special, even though he's not accomplished a lot respective to other WWE Superstars. That hasn't stopped him from talking.

With the old Emma (Tenille Dashwood’s) tweets where he poked fun at her release from the company back when Emma first left, things calmed down and he was given a good spot alongside Bobby Lashley. Rush was noticeably missing from last week's Raw when Lashley came out for a dark match without his advocate.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Lio Rush wasn’t used on RAW this week at all, instead, he was told to sit backstage as Lashley did his thing. Speculation was that this was form of punishment because his ego was getting the better of him and (like Enzo who was rumored to be thrown off the WWE bus) Rush was sat in the corner to think about what he was doing.

As news spread, Rush caught wind of the rumor and commented:

While the response was long and included a number of "fact of the matter" references, it was clear he was not happy about the reports and felt the need to justify his behavior, or at least the appearance of his ego getting a hold of him.

“The fact of the matter is no matter what you do you do in life, no matter what route you take, you’ll always have people out there that’ll try to tear you down," he wrote.  He added, "The fact of the matter is that I am a young, hungry, and humble husband and father of two boys who believes in himself more than anybody will ever believe in me."

He goes on to say that people don't know the actual facts and that ok, but he makes no specific references to the status he holds in WWE right now.

What This Means

If there's anything to this, Rush needs to watch his step. If a three strike rule applies, he's seemingly on strike two.

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