Lio Rush Releases Strange New Social Media Video

In what looks to be an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Mox video, another wrestler has released a video he hopes will send a message to his fans. That wrestler is Lio Rush, but his video isn't having quite the same impact.

Jon Moxley made waves in the wrestling industry when Dean Ambrose's contract expired and Mox made an emphatic statement he was a free agent. The video was shared thousands of times and has now been viewed by more than 3 million viewers. Such smashing success might make others think to themselves, 'maybe I should make a video?'

Lio Rush did just that.

On Saturday, he dropped a video under his Man of the Hour profile on Twitter. In it he talks about not playing by the rules, getting ready to make a statement and nowhere throughout the video does he mention WWE.

Saying, "It's time. I think maybe it's time that I stop playing by the rules. That I stop being Mr. Nice Guy. That I start taking things that I want and not waiting for the right time. Because time doesn't really matter. The only thing that matters, is me."

What This Means

This is an odd video for Rush to release considering what speculation has surrounded the current WWE Superstar.

While it appears he's still under contract to WWE, he's not been seen on tv, he's taking indy bookings and WWE seems to be chugging along, specifically Bobby Lashley, without him. He was rumored to have turned down a lucrative extension from WWE and demanded double, he's called out the company for forcing him to do things that are demeaning and he's complained that he's broke living the WWE lifestyle.

He's made all these comments, but he's not received a lot of sympathy from fellow wrestlers. In short, most people believe he should look in the mirror and take some responsibility for being where he's at.

This video, if not produced by WWE, clearly doesn't reflect that he understands any of that.

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