Seems As If We're Finally About To Get The New & Improved Liv Morgan

It has been more than a month since Liv Morgan teased a character overhaul, and we might finally be about to see it.

It currently feels as if WWE is struggling to find female Superstars to face its Women's Champions. The most frustrating thing about that is that the talent is there, it just hasn't been showcased well enough in recent months. Charlotte Flair will be getting yet another title match at Clash Of Champions, while Becky Lynch still finds herself without a match.

Admittedly, in Lynch's case, it is just a matter of time until her bout with Sasha Banks is booked for September 15, 2019. Nevertheless, all four women in those matches have been at that level for a long time. Fans are waiting for new challengers to be created and built up. Back in July, we thought we were seeing the beginnings of that via Liv Morgan.

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Morgan competed against and lost to Flair. After the match, the former Riott Squad member promised that she was going away to work on a new version of herself. Six weeks later and there has been no further word on that, until now. Over the weekend, Morgan sent out a couple of cryptic tweets. The first of them simply reads "I did something."

That tweet was followed by a video, which you can check out above. It shows pink hair falling to the floor and if you turn the sound on, you can hear the distinct sound of scissors. A few hours after that, Morgan tweeted again. This time all she said was "Let me Liv." All signs point to the new version of Morgan debuting on WWE TV if her new haircut was something WWE okayed first.

If it was not, then Morgan might have a problem on her hands. Due to video game and action figure designs, any drastic changes to a Superstar's appearance need to be cleared by the office first. Something as drastic as chopping off her bright and distinct pink hair would not go down well with WWE if she didn't get permission to do so. Fingers crossed that this is all a part of her new gimmick, and will lead to us seeing more of Morgan on SmackDown Live.

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