A Look Back At The Hilarious Names Of The Original XFL Teams

The second time will hopefully be a charm for Vince McMachon's XFL. McMahon's business pursuits outside of the sport of wrestling have served to be a bad omen for anything outside of the sport of professional wrestling. His billions have been put to good and bad use in past endeavors. When it comes to football, McMahon may be out of touch with football fans since he has dominated the wrestling world. He tried to venture into the sport of bodybuilding in the early 90s with the WBF. That did not last very long. In 2001 he tried his hand in the world of football with his own football league known as the XFL. Although short lived, many people may not even remember some of the XFL players. One thing is for certain, the first run with the XFL had some of the most riotous team names that have ever come along for a football team.

San Francisco Demons

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This team would have more than likely sounded better if it were associated with Manhattan, New York. What association does the city of San Francisco have with demons? At least Hell's Kitchen would have some type of a fit with this team. It would be more appropriate to have a name like this appear in some roller derby television show. The team logo is even more facetious than the team name.


Los Angeles Xtreme

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The one and only champions of the defunct XFL. Some of these names are more than likely associated with wrestling terms. Vince probably did this in order to have a crossover appeal with both wrestling fans and football fans which would make sense because there has always been an association between wrestling and football. Many of the great stars of the past and even today have appeared in wrestling and football including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bill Goldberg, Ron Simmons, Lex Luger, Baron Corbin and many others.

Memphis Maniax

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The Memphis Maniax caused a bit of a problem with this name among advocates for mentally ill people. The "Ax" is an obvious standout on one of the team's logos, which some alluded to someone who was mentally insane and wielding an axe. There were two alternate logos for this team, both of which are as loopy as the teams name. This name is an obvious McMahon creation. The whole turquoise and red color scheme might have fooled some, but for some reason, this team would more than likely would have been outfitted better in yellow and red.

New York/New Jersey Hitmen

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This is perhaps the funniest of all of the team names in the XFL. There is a huge association with hitmen and the state of New York, and this team had to fit the bill somehow. The team name was considered to be hilarious by many. It is once again conspicuous of why this team was named the hitmen. They could have changed the name of this team to the sharpshooters, and they could have outfitted the team in pink and black. Rumors swirled that a certain hall of famer was hinted in the naming of this team.


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