The Los Angeles Chargers Stun The Kansas City Chiefs To Take Lead In The Division

The Los Angeles Chargers stunned the Kansas City Chiefs with their comeback win late in the fourth quarter, to now join the Chiefs atop of the AFC West division.

With just less than four minutes remaining in the game, Chargers' running back, Justin Jackson, converted on a three-yard run for a touchdown that slashed the Chiefs lead down to just one touchdown.

Then with just four seconds left in the fourth quarter, quarterback Philip Rivers completed a one-yard pass to Mike Williams to bring the score to just a one-point lead for the Chiefs. After a busted defensive play by the Chiefs defense, the Chargers were able to convert on a very risky two-point conversion play for the victory.


With this victory, the Chargers now own the same record as the Chiefs at 11-3. But because the Chiefs have a better record against opponents within the division than the Chargers do, they currently own the tiebreaker.

The Chargers shocked everyone with this comeback performance against one of the hottest teams in the league. Rivers proved that even despite his two turnovers earlier in the game, that he could control his composure and led his team on back-to-back drives for the win.

Their defense was also a big reason to why their offense was able to mount a comeback against the Chiefs. They were able to hold the Chiefs to just 60 rushing yards, along with forcing four punts as well.

They have also been largely overshadowed by the Chiefs' performance all season long. No one other than Chargers fans thought that they would win this game. But the Chargers have been great on the road all season long.

After the win in Kansas City, their record is now 6-1 on the road this season. Which gives them a very good chance to be the team who captures the AFC West division championship.

Both of these teams will have tough match-ups next week, which could ultimately decide who wins this division. The Chargers will need to win their remaining two games if they want to have a chance at winning the division this season.

What This Means

This Chargers win had everyone shocked, especially me. With six minutes left in the game, I turned the game off expecting the Chiefs to be able to run out the clock. But because of this Chargers defense, they were able to give Rivers the opportunity to complete the comeback.

The Chargers need the Chiefs to lose one of their two remaining games if they are going to have a chance at winning the division. Next week, the Chiefs have to travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks, which will be a tough match-up. But if they lose that game, that will give the Chargers a very good shot at overtaking them for the division lead.


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