Luke Harper Announces He's Requested Release From WWE

Luke Harper took to social media prior to SmackDown Live on Tuesday and told the WWE Universe he's asked for his release from WWE.

Luke Harper is the latest WWE Superstar to decide he no longer wants to be a part of the active WWE roster. On Tuesday, Harper posted to his social media accounts that he believes it’s best he move on and that this decision “feels right for myself and WWE.”

He wrote:

As of this evening, I have requested a release from WWE. The past 6 years have been a simply, amazing journey around the world and back with lifelong friends and family." He went on to talk about how difficult the decision was and thanked the WWE Universe for their support.

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As of this writing, WWE has not responded with comments of their own.

While a bit surprising, there aren't a lot of fans shocked by the news. Harper had been gone from WWE for some time with an injury and while he'd been ready to return, WWE had nothing for him. He was last seen in the Worlds Collide NXT special and was used in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal without any previous promotion. He wasn't listed as a big player in the current Superstar Shake-up and it didn't appear WWE really had anything for him. As a result, he probably felt, if he wasn't going to be used, why waste himself when there are other options available to him.

Those other options may come calling if WWE grants him his release.

What This Means

A talented big man that most fans believe was under-utilized by WWE, if WWE isn't worried about letting him leave for another company, there should be no shortage of promotions willing to bring him in. From Impact Wrestling to AEW, Harper has a lot to offer.

Unlike Sasha Banks who WWE is trying to convince not to leave WWE (she is rumored to be unhappy), it's hard to imagine WWE putting up much of a fight. Like Tye Dillinger or Hideo Itami before him, Vince McMahon will probably let him walk if he feels he’s not in the right place and WWE has no use for him.

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