Major News On NXT Going Up Against AEW On Wednesdays

According to a report, WWE is planning on taking NXT live for two hours on Wednesdays to go up, head-to-head with AEW's new TNT show.

In that particular report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and a conference call by Triple H prior to NXT Takeover, the current plan for the future of WWE NXT is to have the brand air on FS1 (an affiliate brand of FOX), each Wednesday night from 8 pm until 10 pm ET. This is not coincidentally the same time slot officially announced for AEW's new show on TNT.

With both NXT vs. AEW on Wednesday nights in the same slot, this would feel like a mini version of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW, only between WWE's development brand and on a different night of the week. This move would certainly be seen as a move by WWE to make life difficult for the wrestling promotion run by Tony Khan and wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, but don't tell Triple H that.

Triple H says WWE has known about this possible move for some time and it is not a knee-jerk reaction to AEW's tv deal. The date and time might be, but the plan to do something with FS1 was always on the table. During a conference call for NXT Takeover: Toronto, Triple H did comment on the news and say that while people like to call what WWE is doing "counter-programming to AEW", it's ironic that as long as NXT has been on Wednesdays, nobody called AEW TNT announcement for Wednesdays counter-programming. WWE just does what it does and makes its own plans.

The Wrestling Observer did not report on a timeline for an official announcement by WWE on the move or whether or not going to FS1 would guarantee NXT would be removed from the WWE Network. There was also no word on whether or not the show would stay at Full Sail University in Florida where they film most of their episodes or take NXT on the road each week.

What This Means

One thing that did seem clear was that NXT would move from a taped one-hour program to a live two-hour show.

For fans, this would be the ideal war between wrestling companies. While the war seems to be AEW vs WWE, a more fair product comparison would be AEW to NXT. Similar styles would make trying to determine a winner between the two brands much fairer.

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