Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Starting Possible Romance WWE Storyline

Could WWE be testing out the beginnings of a storyline that would see Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose in a romantic relationship? Based upon video footage from Tuesday's SmackDown Live, it feels like that's where things are headed.

Deville defeated Ember Moon on Tuesday's SmackDown Live with an assist from a Rose distraction. The two celebrated her win the ring afterward and during that celebration, in a scene that seems to be pointing towards a possible LGBTQ storyline, Rose looked romantically at Deville while Deville brushed back Mandy's hair and returned the glance.

When you watch the scene, one of two possible storyline ideas stands out. Either these two are already in a romantic relationship and have been holding it back from going public or, more likely, they are starting to realize they have these feelings for one another and the audience is being invited along for the ride of that romantic discovery. This is not the first time WWE has teased the idea of something more than a friendship existing between these two.

Not long ago, Stephanie McMahon mentioned that WWE would be writing storylines that dealt with LGBTQ topics. WWE has yet to really deliver on that. This might be the first in what could a number of ideas for a growing population of the WWE Universe.

Very much an inclusive company, Deville is open about being gay and often shows her support of the gay community. In fact, many of today's WWE Superstars have been supportive of a person's right to their sexuality, with wrestlers like Finn Balor wearing Pride colors at the Saudi Arabia show, Super ShowDown.

From the reaction to the video on social media, most fans are in support of WWE taking on a topic of this nature on one of its flagship shows.

What This Means

This is a storyline that WWE should ensure they proceed with respectfully but is also something that shouldn't be ignored. A growing segment of the WWE Universe would like to see their sexuality represented on WWE programming and with two people like Sonya and Mandy, it seems logical they would ensure any ideas and angles brought forward were done in a tasteful way.

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