Manny Machado Has Officially Met With Every Team That's Serious About Signing Him

Free agent Manny Machado has now completed his meetings with the three main teams that are interested in his services, now we all await his final decision.

The 26-year-old has spent the last week meeting with teams about his potential future with them. Those teams included, the Chicago White Sox, the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Machado concluded these week-long meetings with by visiting the Phillies on Thursday. Now he must make the decision of who he would like to spend the next part of his career playing for.

It's unclear whether or not the Toronto Blue Jays pitcher has had any contact with Machado, but one thing is for sure is that Stroman is never afraid to express his emotions with the public.

Stroman is also not the only one that thinks the four-time All-Star will be wearing pinstripes next season. According to Official Bookmaker, the Yankees have the greatest odds to acquire the shortstop's services.

The Phillies and the White Sox currently sit in second and third behind the Yankees for Machado. He will likely announce his decision after the holidays so that he can discuss his life-changing decision with his wife and family.

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Machado will be able to have a major impact on either of the three teams interested in him, which is why he is able to demand a massive contract. He is reportedly seeking somewhere around a ten-year contract valuing around $30 million per season.

Those demands are why only three teams were able to gain a meeting with Machado this week. He will fit great with any of those three teams that are interested in him. Last season Machado had one of the best seasons so far in his career.

Machado appeared in all 162 games last season, producing 37 home runs and 107 RBI's along with a .297 batting average. He's in the prime of his career, which is great for him because teams are continuing the trend of paying players for what they can produce in the future, rather than what they have previously done in the past.

What This Means

Now that Machado has finished his meetings, we should now be able to finally see where he is going to spend his career for the foreseeable future, which could likely speed up the whole situation with the other big-name free agent, Bryce Harper.

Even though they don't play the same position, Machado and Harper are the two biggest players available on the free agency market. So the two teams that miss out on Machado, are likely to relocate that money to the other big-name free agent.


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