Maria Hints She and Mike Kanellis' Contracts Up, Leaving WWE

Maria hints she and Mike Kanellis are leaving WWE in three weeks. Are they headed to AEW or are their gym memberships over?

As AEW grows in popularity and leaving WWE for the wrestling's newest brand becomes the cool thing to do, more and more WWE Superstars will hint at leaving WWE. The latest to do so is Maria Kanellis.

On Monday, just prior to Raw airing live, she took to Twitter to say, "Contracts are up in 3 weeks. Just saying...

While the comments were immediately shared across the social media platform, one follower was smart and asked, "Contracts where?". Maria responded, "Our gym memberships."

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Perhaps her response was tongue-in-cheek or perhaps she was trolling fans with her original post. Either way, fans are talking. And, why not? When WWE had a good chance to bounce back from a strong showing by AEW this weekend and delivered a lackluster Raw, (one in which the Kanellis' weren't used), the husband and wife duo are probably frustrated.

She did send out two additional tweets on Monday. One read, "Yay friends!! Or is it fear? Or bitterness? With the limited time I have left on I plan to spend it on causing chaos. Why? Boredom." and, "Been thinking a lot about a bigger purpose. “If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?” -Hamilton"

Both have to be hinting at something.

What This Means

Tweeting about the gym memberships is likely going to save the Kanellis clan from serious repercussions. Then again, during a segment on Raw, Sami Zayn named dropped AEW in a surprise move that was clearly initiated by Vince McMahon but delivered through Zayn.

For all we know, this is some strange strategy by WWE. One that is meant to draw attention to a war between the two companies.

If that's the case, WWE needs to step up their game. When given a chance to provide fans with a strong Raw, they didn't do so. Social media was ripe with feedback this was one of the worst Raw shows in some time. And, if more and more people hate the show and WWE continues to deliver garbage, more than Maria and Mike Kanellis will be looking to leave WWE when their contracts are up.

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