The Mariners Complete Multi-Player Trade As Fire Sale Continues

The Seattle Mariners are continuing their tear-down by completing another deal that includes another one of their top players.

The team has reportedly agreed to a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies to send shortstop, Jean Segura, and relief pitchers, Juan Nicasio, and James Pazos. In return, the Mariners would receive first baseman, Carlos Santana, and shortstop, J.P. Crawford.

The deal hasn't been confirmed by either team yet. But, this is what the expected deal will look like when it's finalized. This deal will mark the third blockbuster trade the Mariners have made this off-season.


This deal works perfectly for both teams. The Mariners are able to shed Segura's $58 million remaining contract while also acquiring a quality young shortstop. For the Phillies, they acquire Segura who is in the prime of his career. He will also serve a big offensive upgrade over Crawford at shortstop.

While the Phillies are also able to unload Santana's poor contract. He's scheduled to make over $20 million for the next two seasons. Then, he has a team option for the following season at $17.5 million with the option for a $500,000 buyout.

Santana would likely start at first base for the majority of the time because he did produce a .974 field percentage last season. While Crawford would be given every chance to start at shortstop next season. There are no questions about his fielding, but his effectiveness at the plate has been a struggle point for him.


The Mariners have made it clear once again that no one is safe on their roster. They're likely not finished moving players with high contracts either. Third-baseman, Kyle Seager, is rumored to be the next player that will be traded out of Seattle.

He is under contract through the 2021 season and has a team option for the season after that. The 31-year-old is scheduled to make $19.5 million over the next two seasons and $18.5 million for the season after that.

His team option is for $15 million that also carries a buy-out that can reach as high as $3 million depending on his performance in the previous season. This contract is the most expensive one left on the Mariners roster, which is why it makes sense for him to be the next player moved out.


The Mariners are planning to trade anyone who is being paid a high salary for a number of seasons. Which is usually the way to go if you haven't had success with your roster. That is why I do agree with these decisions to unload as much payroll as you can.

But on the other side of it, the Mariners are going to have a tough time bringing fans to games. When they still own the longest playoff drought in the MLB and they're trading away their best players. Because we all know, most fan-bases in small markets only care about the team when they're winning, not when they're rebuilding.

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