Fox Sports Executive Says That SmackDown Will Be "A Home Run"

Fox will take over the SmackDown Live broadcasts this fall - moving the shows to Friday nights as they begin a five-year television deal worth $1 billion.

There's obviously some concern among both parties over the decline in television ratings here in 2019. After all, Fox is paying a giant sum of dollars to air Vince McMahon's product, and this won't look good for either party if ratings don't move upward.

But Mark Evans - the Fox Sports VP of Sales - didn't express any worries over the ratings problem in an interview with The Big Lead. Rather, Evans firmly believes that this TV deal will be a massive success for Fox.

"We feel how we’re going to present and how we’re going to promote the WWE is going to inject it with such a new life," Evans said. "It’s going to be a home run for us."

It remains to be seen what kind of changes will be made to SmackDown once they move over to Friday nights. Vince hired Eric Bischoff to take over as the Executive Director of SmackDown Live, so the product on television will be changed up aplenty.

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It was recently reported that WWE will scrap the wild card rule when Fox takes over the SmackDown Live broadcasts - and that the company will go back to the true brand split once and for all. There's another major change that will take place in October.

Of course, SmackDown isn't the only show that WWE is looking to change up. Paul Heyman was hired as the new Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, and he's brought more violent and less-PG-like storylines since taking over. It won't be long until Bischoff gets to make his changes to the general SmackDown product.

What This Means

It's an encouraging sign for WWE that Evans isn't worried about the ratings, but instead optimistic about how it will be a "home run." WWE has two months to figure out the problems and get the ratings back up, before Fox takes over the SmackDown broadcasts.

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