Mark Henry Slams Lio Rush Following Finance Complaints, Tells Him To curb His Spending

Mark Henry is pretty pissed at Lio Rush right now.

The latter has been the subject of some negative press over the last week or so, with several outlets reporting that there's backstage heat with WWE. He opened up on the rumors in an interview with Fightful on Thursday, claiming that someone working for WWE is spreading rumors in an attempt to get him fired, but he would also lash out at the company, accusing them of forcing him to pay his own accommodation and rentals when he's on the road despite not paying him well.

Henry, though, is having none of that. And, while hosting SiriusXM's Busted Open following Rush's comments, he accused the youngster of "lying to my face".

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“The reason that I’m angry is because I pulled him aside and told him ‘Hey man I’m hearing stuff in the locker room, what’s up?’ (Rush’s voice) ‘Oh no, there’s nothing wrong.’ That’s a blatant lie to my face!" the World's Strongest Man declared (transcript via Cageside Seats).

"I was trying to help him. I was trying to let him know that if you have a question to ask, now is the time because you’re very likely not going to run into anyone that knows the system like I know the system. And he didn’t do that. He lied to my face.

"And if you’re walking around and cannot pay for a rental car, you can’t pay for a hotel with the money that you make every week? Then you need to change the way you are spending. You can’t blame that on the office. If you spent everything you made before you got it, that’s your problem.”

Rush also explained that he didn't want to be seen as the "black kid" carrying bags and handing out water, which is why he's refused to perform any such rookie hazing duties.

“What Lio is doing is nothing different than what I did," was Henry's take on that. "He’s getting off very easy cause in my day they would have said ‘Hey Lio, Bobby should never drive. You should take his bags to the car. When he comes back from his match you should have a bottle of water for him when he walks through the curtain’.”

What This Means

Rush will hope that his issues backstage die out as quickly as they surfaced. Who knows if his concerns are legitimate or not, but if Henry's not taking his side on this then he probably needs to just be honest with the big guy and take his advice.

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