Mark Henry Sounds Warning To WWE Roster As He Announces Locker-Room Enforcer Role

Mark Henry has let the entire WWE roster know that he will be keeping them in check, having taken up the role of locker-room enforcer.

Yes, it's true. According to the Hall of Famer himself, he will be keeping a close watch on things backstage and will play sheriff amid the combustible atmosphere the WWE is known to create.

Henry has said that there's a lot going on nowadays that would have never happened if he'd been around the last 18 months. But that's all about to change.


“Me being gone this last year and a half, there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened in the locker room that would’ve never happened under my watch,” he said on the most recent episode of Sam Roberts’ podcast Notsam Wrestling (h/t prowrestlingsheet.com).

Asked to elaborate, the World's Strongest Man said: “People arguing and fussing about stuff. There’s been a couple of people be habitually late, which Vince hates. But he doesn’t have Taker or Me. Booker’s not there - only at TV. Big Show’s been injured. So all the guys that hold peoples’ face to the fire is not there.”

The 47-year-old also revealed having heard reports of younger locker room members refusing to clean up after themselves.

“That s**t is finna come to an abrupt stop,” he declared. “Because I will be at all pay-per-views now. We’re gonna reestablish the chain-of-command."

“People used to call it “the stooges”,” he added. “You can call me whatever you wanna call me. But what you won't do is make the business look bad.”

What This Means

The WWE does need a bit of sprucing up but one would imagine that the changes would need to come from the top.

However, an authoritative presence in the locker room such as Henry's can't be bad. Some of today's wrestlers do take things a bit lightly, but how about you make sure Brock Lesnar wrestles every week, huh Mark?


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