When We Might See Marty Scurll Show Up In AEW

Rumors are rife as to when Marty Scurll's ROH contract is up, and it's sooner than we initially thought.

Ever since All In over a year ago, there was talk that Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and the rest of that group were planning something big. Turns out it was a bigger plan than any of us could have conceived. 12 months later, AEW is an established brand in the wrestling landscape and Cody and co are about to start a weekly TV show on TNT.

Once AEW's existence was confirmed, we instantly started to speculate as to who might sign for the promotion. Even the various members of The Elite weren't guaranteed to hop on the bandwagon. Kenny Omega, in particular, has openly talked about his discussions with WWE before committing his future to AEW. Thankfully for that group, all of their contracts were up at roughly the same time.

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Well, all but one. Marty Scurll was a core member of the group but was signed to Ring Of Honor for the foreseeable future. That meant The Villain had to watch on as AEW quickly turned into what we now know it as. Now, it isn't as if he has been sat at home. Scurll has continued to work with ROH, becoming one of the company's top guys as it loses more names to WWE and AEW.

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Well, it might be about to lose another. According to Sports Illustrated and Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Scurll's ROH contract will come to an end this November. We're assuming he will leave the company at that point and presumably join AEW. However, there has also been talk of him entertaining an offer from WWE when the time comes, just like Omega did.

There have already been a couple of shots fired between WWE and AEW. However, imagine how big a move it would be if Triple H could convince the Brit to snub his friends and sign for NXT. After a few months of going head to head on Wednesday nights, who knows which brand could benefit from the signing of Scurll more? Where he lands could be the first milestone signing of the Wednesday Night War.

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