Maryse Reveals She Is Leaving SmackDown Live

It was announced to start Tuesday's SmackDown Live, The Miz will face Daniel Bryan at the Super Show-Down with the winner to fight for WWE Title. But, amidst the news-breaking moment by the Miz, there was also a major announcement involving his wife Maryse.

The Miz opened the show with a segment of Miz TV and after making the announcement of his big match on Oct. 6, 2018, he then introduced his guest for the night and called out his wife.


The Mix first started by asking Maryse how she felt about defeating Brie Bella at Hell in a Cell, to which she responded it was the easiest thing she'd ever done. But, the bigger moment was when she revealed she had news of her own — this would be her last night on SmackDown Live.

The Miz stated that everyone knew why she was leaving, which was to be the best mother on the planet and while there's no doubt that at some point Maryse will return, it can't be understated how large a role Maryse has played in The Miz's recent success.

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Since rejoining her husband in 2016, The Miz has gone on to become one of the best Intercontinental Champions in recent WWE history and she's helped make him a must-see WWE Superstar each week on whatever show he's appearing on. Her role may not be heavily promoted nor is she given a ton of credit, but Maryse is a huge part of The Miz's character.

Whether or not the Miz gets a new manager of running mates like he had when he traveled with The Miztourage is unclear, but he's often better when he has someone to play off of.

After the announcement, the segment continued on when The Miz called out Bryan, who stormed the ring swearing he would take out Miz for talking about Brie Bella, only to accidentally bump into Maryse who was checked on by medical staff. It turned out Maryse was faking her injuries and Bryan got the best of the duo but it was a fitting way to send Maryse out of WWE for foreseeable future.

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