A Former WWE Superstar Showed Up Wearing A Mask At Slammiversary XVII

A masked man rushed the ring after the World Title match at Slammiversary, but we're pretty sure we know who it was.

Did you know that Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary XVII took place on Sunday night? You'd be forgiven for not knowing. Despite it being one of Impact's biggest shows of the year, the rise of AEW has overshadowed everything else in wrestling outside of WWE, at least in the states.

Some of Slammiversary's bigger moments included Moose defeating Rob Van Dam, and Rich Swann successfully defending the X Division Championship against John Morrison. However, the two men who did battle for the richest prize in Impact were Brian Cage and Michael Elgin. Despite the latter's best efforts, Cage left Slammiversary as Impact's World Champion. Thanks to what happened after the match, the defeated Elgin will have other things aside from the defeat on his mind.

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After the match, as Elgin struggled back to his feet, a masked man climbed into the ring. The mystery invader squatted in the corner and once Elgin turned around, he hit him with a spear. We say spear, but it would probably be better to call it a Gore. Although it hasn't been confirmed just yet, it seems pretty obvious that the man under the mask is Rhyno.

Not only does the masked man deliver Rhyno's signature move, but he is also built exactly like the stocky veteran. Rhyno has a history with Impact and also revealed earlier this year that he had rejected a new contract with WWE. The former ECW star was offered double his salary by Vince McMahon to stick around, but since he had only wrestled once in 2019, he opted to try his luck elsewhere.

We're unsure as to when exactly Rhyno's WWE deal came to an end, but we're assuming that it has now. Either that or the reason Rhyno appeared at Slammiversary under a mask is because he is still technically a WWE Superstar. We would be very surprised to discover that's the reason he wore a mask on Sunday night. It's much more likely that Rhyno is now a completely above board Impact employee.

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