Matt Hardy Turns To The Fans For Help With His Wrestling Future

Matt Hardy recently asked if fans enjoyed The Ultimate Deletion, to which the response was an overwhelming yes.

When The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, it got one of the loudest reactions in recent history. WWE managed to keep Matt and Jeff's return a secret from almost everybody. The brothers entered into the ladder match for the Tag Team Championships and left the event as champions. Since then, the Hardys' WWE careers have been pretty stop-start.

Injuries have prevented the brothers from going on one last run. Last year, Matt hinted that he was done with wrestling. Doctors informed him that more than two decades in the ring had caused his pelvis to start fusing with his lower back. Hardy has since returned, and now it's his brother Jeff who is on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Matt is nowhere to be seen.

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The veteran hasn't merely been sitting at home waiting for a call, though. Matt is one of the most creative minds in wrestling today, something he has exhibited via The Ultimate and Final Deletions. In fact, it seems as if he has another Deletion planned for the future. Earlier this week, Hardy asked fans on Twitter whether they enjoyed The Ultimate Deletion. 95% of those who responded said, "YES, it was WONDERFUL!"

To the 5% of fans who did not like The Ultimate Deletion, what is wrong with you? Matt revealed that he has some hard decisions to make regarding his career in the coming months. He also wrote that he believes he still has a few years left in him, and he wants to spend them "being as creative & productive as possible." Clearly, the poll results would signify Matt is about to give fans more of what they like.

What we now want to know is what these hard decisions are exactly. Perhaps his WWE contract is almost up, and if there are going to be more Deletions, Matt needs to establish where exactly they will happen. We can't see why WWE wouldn't want to stage another, but Vince McMahon can be fickle and unpredictable. Perhaps AEW could become the third different promotion to host a Deletion on The Hardy Compound sometime soon.

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