Matt Hardy Comments On His Uncertain Future As A Pro Wrestler

Matt Hardy has made news recently thanks to a video about a lost belt.., perhaps it's his recent comments on his wrestling future is more interesting.

After Chris Jericho lost his AEW Championship but got it back, the no-harm-no-foul situation became a target for a number of fans and fellow wrestlers. Matt Hardy parodied the situation and then felt the need to clarify he wasn't making fun of Jericho. But, as he made news over his video outside a Longhorn Steakhouse, it's his creativity that has caught the attention of more than one fan.

Some have noted that perhaps Hardy's true calling would be as part of WWE's creative team. He's been known as a performer always ready and willing to reposition himself and adapt to changes in the industry. Hardy admits the Internet has certainly changed things.

Hardy wrote. "The internet hasn't ruined wrestling, but it's def changing it. In my opinion, the industry has to be more creative & shrewd in the way stories are told, while blurring the lines of reality & fantasy between athletic matches & entertaining content. The 'net forces evolution."

That doesn't mean him joining creative is a bad idea. With Hardy not having been in a WWE ring for some time and without a clear plan for him since he worked hard to return from some time away, there are questions as to whether or not he'll be done with wrestling when his contract expires in March of next year. Considering he's now 44 years old, it's a valid point.

Hardy had a response for that too. He said, "For the few years I have left as an in-ring performer, I wanna kick ass & contribute to the industry-not sit on the bench."

Hardy Isn't Leaving, At Least Not Yet

For those that have been watching Hardy closely, he's teased the introduction of a new character named Big Money Matt. Something tells us that character will debut in WWE before Hardy ever officially hangs up his boots.

When he does, it seems logical to assume WWE will have a job on the creative team waiting for him.

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