Matt Hardy Reveals The Hardy Compound [Video]

Officially, no one seems to know if WWE is planning on airing the Ultimate Deletion Match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt before or at WrestleMania 34. It's still unclear as to who will appear and if Jeff Hardy, after his recent DWI arrest, will be part of the production. That said, one thing is clear. This match will be unlike anything else in WWE right now.

WWE has given fans an extended look at what Hardy is calling the "Hardy Compound", and eventual home of Wyatt's deletion. A video was promoted by WWE on their social media accounts showcasing a "Woken" Matt Hardy welcoming all in the WWEEEEEEE Universe to the Hardy Compound to document his property.

In the video, Hardy says, "Everything about this property is magic. It doesn't make a difference if you are in the Dorm of Deletion or the Dilapidated City, or maybe you're taking a swim in the Lake of Reincarnation or maybe you are unfortunately visiting the lawn or obsolete men." He continued, "it is here Bray Wyatt where I sentence you to the Ultimate Deletion!".

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The production that was already filmed was shot in North Carolina and included a number of former characters from the "Broken" gimmick Hardy made famous in TNA and Impact Wrestling. It was also closely overseen by Jeremy Borash and should be distinctly unique to anything WWE is actively promoting on WWE programming right now.

The video shows a ton of land and property for which the match could take place and it should have fans excited for what this bout could look like. Two of WWE's most unique characters will have a playground on which to work and a blank canvas from which to create and if Borash and WWE let them be imaginative and creative, fans could be in for a treat.

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