Matt Hardy Says Latest Live Event Match Is Likely His Last

Matt Hardy has likely wrestled his last ever match for WWE, and probably the last match of his career full stop.

Matt Hardy has been missing from WWE television for a while now amid rumors and reports that his long and storied in-ring career will soon be coming to an end. Two and a half decades of wrestling has caused his lower back to start fusing with his spine. A painful sounding condition that will likely spell the end of his legendary career.

Those rumors and reports have been compounded by WWE using Hardy in a backstage role as a producer. The multiple time Tag Team Champion has reportedly been shadowing producers backstage and even worked on a match at SummerSlam. All of those rumors came to a head on Saturday night when Hardy announced on Twitter that he had fulfilled his live event commitments for WWE.


Hardy firstly tweeted thanks to the fans who attended the live event in Corpus Christi, urging them to get behind his partner Bray Wyatt going forward. The more telling tweet came a little while after that. Hardy posted a video of himself informing fans that he will probably never wrestle in a WWE ring ever again, saying that it was time to go home to his family when he was asked what's next.

You can check out the whole of the video above during which Hardy details some of the things he has been grateful for during the latter parts of his career. The ovation he and his brother Jeff got when they returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, winning the Andre The Giant battle royal a year later, and the Ultimate Deletion taking place during the main event of Raw.

Hardy's contributions to the business cannot be understated. His work with Jeff, Edge and Christian, and The Dudley Boyz during the Attitude Era put tag team wrestling back on the map after it had faded away somewhat. That time really only marked the first chapter in his career and he has done so much more since. Hopefully, this doesn't mark the end of his career in wrestling and WWE brings him on board as a producer. Plus, his career is most certainly Hall Of Fame worthy, so we look forward to seeing him deservedly inducted some time in the future.


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