Matt Hardy Teases Possible Raw General Manager Role On Twitter

Matt Hardy is fed up of Baron Corbin and Alexa Bliss abusing their power on Raw and has suggested they be replaced with someone a little more Woken.

An abundance of authority figures hogging a large chunk of the screen time on Raw has been a problem for almost as long as we can remember. Today, Raw has an unbearable authority figure in Baron Corbin. We almost feel as if we need to apologize to those of you who tuned in to watch Corbin's show this week, even though it didn't have anything to do with us.

Stephanie McMahon continues to leave Corbin in charge even though Raw has become almost unwatchable. We say Stephanie McMahon, obviously it is actually her father's decision. This week's Raw may have been the worst yet, at least with The Lone Wolf in charge. Clearly, Matt Hardy is in agreement.


During last night's Raw, Hardy tweeted that Corbin and his newly appointed head of the women's division Alexa Bliss, were "abusing their positions & power." The Woken One's solution, a change in authority figure, of course. Not just any change, though. Hardy believes that Monday nights would be in much better hands if he were the one making the matches. We tend to agree with him.

Another man who believes Hardy as GM would be a great idea is Bray Wyatt. The Eater Of Worlds replied to his former tag partner's tweet by saying "you would make an absolutely divine, stupendous GM." Wyatt has been absent from Raw ever since Hardy was forced to stop wrestling due to an injury to his back. Perhaps the Deleters Of Worlds could both return and rule over Raw together.

It's not only Monday night's Raw, the red brand has become hard to watch for a while now. When your main angle revolves around someone like Baron Corbin, and the show tends to both open and close with him standing tall, there's not much hope for what comes in between. Monday nights need a shake-up, and Hardy might be the man for the job. He is incredibly entertaining and under contract with nothing to do, why not give him a shot?


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