Matt Hardy Injury Update: Rumored To Transition To Backstage Role

Matt Hardy's in-ring career may be coming to an end but that doesn't necessarily mean he has to be done with WWE altogether.

When you wrestle for more than 200 days out of the year for more than 20 years, it's almost an inevitability that grueling schedule is going to catch up with you. Even the most careful of wrestlers end up with any number of aches and pains once their careers start coming to an end. Those who throw caution to the wind more often than not tend to suffer even more so.

One man who has put his body on the line time and time again is Matt Hardy. The former World Champion has been wrestling since the 1990s and still competes on Raw every week to this day. Sadly, that might soon come to an end. Hardy recently revealed that more than two decades of in-ring competition has taken its toll on his body. It has caused his spine to start fusing with his pelvis, nasty stuff.


Via WWE.com

Despite the news of this potentially career-ending condition, Hardy is still wrestling. The question now though is for how much longer? Well, according to Cultaholic, WWE is already putting things in place for when The Woken One has to retire for good. Apparently, the former Raw Tag Team Champion has been shadowing producers backstage in preparation for him to become one himself.

While Hardy has had a long run in the business and has pretty much done it all in that time, another Superstar who has also been reported to be shadowing WWE producers has not. The Wrestling Observer has reported that Jason Jordan has also been possibly prepping for a role after wrestling. Jordan has been sidelined for the majority of 2018 with a neck injury and it seems as if it may be more serious than first thought.

If Hardy does end up becoming a WWE producer then there's no doubting that he will do tremendously in the role. Not many wrestlers have seen or done more than the older half of Team Extreme. His experience extends beyond the four walls of WWE too which could be invaluable when he works with those who have come up through NXT and know little to nothing about what lies outside of all they know.


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