Matt Hardy Appears To Be Reviving His Broken/Woken Gimmick

After being written off of TV due to his brother's injury back in April, Matt Hardy seems to be devising a plan to get himself back in a WWE ring.

When you're part of a tag team and your partner is injured, life can be pretty tough. Depending on the injury, and what creative thinks of you as a singles star, it can be a case of sitting around and waiting for your partner to heal up and return. Matt Hardy is currently experiencing exactly that.

Due to Jeff Hardy being out injured, Matt has been left on the sidelines with nothing to do. The last time the pair competed on TV was when they defeated The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles two days after WrestleMania. The brothers would be forced to relinquish those championships shortly after that.

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Prior to reuniting with Jeff, Matt had convinced WWE to let him bring his Broken persona to its shows. However, for what we are assuming were legal reasons, he was Woken instead of Broken. Now that Jeff is out of the picture for a while, and Matt needs something that is going to get him back on television, it seems that the Broken brilliance within Hardy's vessel could well be re-emerging.

Earlier this week, Hardy posted a selection of photos of himself on Twitter along with the caption "Becoming more #BROKEN by the day. IT CANNOT BE STOPPED." After that, he posted a video diary of how hard his life is. At the end of the video, Hardy chants "free the delete" over and over again. There's no question that the most success Hardy has had as a singles star was when he was Broken, so why not try and revive the gimmick?

Just because Hardy is becoming Broken again on Twitter doesn't mean that it will manifest on television. Hardy is terrific on social media, and he clearly uses it as a platform to be noticed by those in charge of his WWE future. That being said, this is an opportunity for WWE to have a second crack at the whole Woken thing. Why not give it a try while Jeff is recovering?

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