Matt Hardy Continues To Tease Retirement After Revealing Injury

Matt Hardy has been teasing retirement on social media over the last two weeks, posting a handful of cryptic messages and sharing photos of himself with family members, fans and fellow superstars.

This time, Hardy thanked tag team partner Bray Wyatt for everything, with the caption "I shall miss you."

Hardy also added this tweet, referencing to the injuries he's been dealing through, which is the root of his retirement speculation.

Hardy and Wyatt dropped their Raw Tag Team Championships to the B-Team at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and they've failed to regain them. Ever since, Hardy has teased at retirement, dealing with lower back and pelvis injuries.

It should be noted that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Hardy's pain isn't "terrible pain" and that he's going to rehab to work through the injuries. Finally, Meltzer added that Hardy is probably playing things "by ear," and is using the tweets to remind fans he won't be wrestling forever.

Nobody should be surprised, however, if we're truly witnessing the end of Hardy's legendary career. His time in the ring dates back to 1992, and Hardy has always performed the high-flying and dangerous style of wrestling that puts plenty of toll on the body.

via Wrestling News World

He and brother Jeff have each dealt with numerous injuries throughout their respective careers, and it looks like Matt's body may slowly be giving up. Hardy is 43 years of age and has two young children to raise, so he'll have to decide at some point that it's not worth putting his body through anymore pain.

Hardy is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame someday, given his contributions to the tag team division and hardcore style of wrestling. He hasn't retired yet, but it could be coming sooner rather than later. Thus, fans need to appreciate whatever else he can perform in the ring at this point.


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