Matt Hardy Tweets Non-WWE Belts Photo, Says His WWE Contract Ends in 11 Days

Matt Hardy tweeted an interesting photo on Thursday of him hold two non-WWE titles and made comments that his contract in WWE ends in 11 days.

Back in August, Reby Sky spoke of Matt's status when he left WWE to nurse a couple nagging injuries and it looked like he might retire to say, "Matt is good. Matt is right now going through a bit of a transitional period." She added that Matt wasn't really sure when his future would hold but that his contract ended in March of 2019. She hinted at the time that he might be interested in pursuing his in-ring career despite the retirement rumors.

Fast forward to February of 2019 and Hardy himself tweeted a photo holding two non-WWE titles and wrote, " I always felt comfortable outside WWE."

It didn't take long for followers to assume this was some sort of subtle hint that Hardy might be leaving WWE and one follower noted that WWE might ask Hardy to delete the tweet to which Matt responded, "I have 11 days left on my current deal. I love WWE, but I'm 100% comfortable being outside the walls of pro wrestling's 'Alexandria' Safe-Zone. I'm a born survivalist. My previous tweet will nevah face deletion."

What This Means

This tweet has to mean one of two things for Matt Hardy's future. He's either trying to leverage the fact that his contract is coming to a close and the constant threat of AEW grabbing WWE talents means WWE will get on their horse and offer Hardy a new deal, or Hardy himself is letting fans know of his intention to leave. Hardy owns the Broken character and could take it to AEW if he wanted. It would be interesting to see if WWE would let him leave with that character without much of a fight.

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