Matt Riddle's New Year's Resolution Is To Retire Brock Lesnar

Matt Riddle has set the bar high in 2019, informing fans that his New Year's resolution is to win the Royal Rumble and get his hands on Brock Lesnar.

With any sort of holiday comes something almost unwatchable courtesy of WWE. Normally it involves a pun version of a street fight. This year alone we have seen a Trick Or Street Fight, a Thanksgiving Feast Fight, and also a Miracle On 34th Street Fight. During the New Year's Eve episode of Raw this week, we were treated to something a little different.

Thankfully, there were no pun related matches. Instead, we had a variety of Superstars telling us their New Year's resolutions. For the most part, they were pretty forgettable. The men and women of WWE telling us either what the company told them to say or what they think Vince McMahon wants to here.


Matt Riddle gave us something a little different, though. Not on Raw, of course, but via Twitter. While working at the Performance Center, Riddle was asked about his own New Year's resolution. The King Of Bros said he hopes to be entered into the men's Royal Rumble match. If that happens and he achieves the unthinkable and wins the match, he will only have eyes for one man at WrestleMania 35.

That man is Brock Lesnar. That's right, Riddle's extremely ambitious New Year's resolution is to win the Royal Rumble, go on to WrestleMania 35, and take on The Beast for the Universal Title. He even signs off by saying he wants to retire the former UFC Champion. The only problem with all of that is some of it is out of Riddle's control, as he openly admits. He has to rely on being entered into the Rumble for all of that to even begin to unfold.

This isn't the first time Riddle has tried to get Lesnar's attention. Back in November of 2018, The King Of Bros thanked The Beast for winning the Universal Title as it'll make it that much sweeter when he retires him. He also posted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt with a checklist on before ever signing with WWE. The only unchecked thing on the list? Retire Brock Lesnar.


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