Matt Riddle Tears Into 'Disrespectful' Brock Lesnar As He Vows To Retire The Beast Incarnate

NXT star Matt Riddle's career goal is simple, albeit easier said than done.

The former UFC competitor wants to beat Brock Lesnar. But that's not all; he wants to end his career as a wrestler.

The 33-year-old, like many a wrestling fan, doesn't feel Lesnar does enough and he deems it disrespectful. But he has a long way to go to reach The Beast Incarnate, although it appears that NXT talents will be getting their shots across Raw and SmackDown now, with four such performers having fought on the former this week.

Riddle hashed it out with Jeremy Borash in a taped interview that was shown on NXT. He spoke on a range of topics and, given that his keenness on retiring The Beast is a poorly-kept secret, he was pressed for a bit on the Universal Champion.


“Retiring Brock, that’s no secret. That’s been the goal since I started wrestling since the very beginning," he said, (h/t Mandatory). "I like to set goals that seem impossible. Only one person can retire Brock Lesnar, only one person can end his career, and that person is going to be me.

"I don’t like how he does it, I don’t like the respect that he shows, and I don’t like the work rate that he puts out. That’s just my personal opinion; I think he’s capable of more. Maybe it doesn’t work out for him, maybe it doesn’t work out the first time, but I guarantee you, I’m going to beat him, and I’m going to retire him.”

Not long ago, Riddle told TMZ that he was considering remaining with NXT for as long as he can as he reckons the show could surpass both Raw and SmackDown in time to come.

"Funny enough, I was thinking about that the other day," he said. "And, I want to get to the main roster, but then I was thinking, 'Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong,' because 'NXT' is so hot, maybe we should stay and try to build 'NXT' and make it bigger than Raw and SmackDown and just be the big guy, which isn't impossible."

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What This Means

There's hardly a soul out there who would disagree with Riddle, save Brock and Paul Heyman. The champ is one of the best wrestlers of his generation and, while he isn't as sharp as he used to be, he could fight a bit more.

As for the NXT talent ending The Beast's career, it's not impossible. In fact, there are probably many people who would love to see him do it.


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