Max Domi Receives Suspension For Incident With Aaron Ekblad

Montreal Canadians forward, Max Domi has found himself in some hot water after sucker-punching Aaron Ekblad.

According to Sportsnet, he newly-traded-for Domi will miss the remainder of the NHL pre-season, after being given a penalty right after the incident officially happened,  in fact, he was given a minor, major, and even match penalty after what he did. It didn't end there, he's received a suspension for his radical actions while on the ice, which is a play at trying to teach him how to act while playing a game.

In case you're wondering, Aaron Ekblad actually left the game after being punched twice and then taking a sucker punch to the nose and falling to the hard ice, but thankfully, he did clear concussion protocol.

The entire incident kind of gives off the impression of bad sportsmanship and a lack of care for fellow players. It was really awkward to see Domi continue to try to fight Ekblad just to relieve anger on the ice just because their side isn't winning. It also shows a lack of absolute care for anyone that works with Domi as it shows he can become violent when things don't particularly go his way.


Via Toronto Star

You see, the Canadians had been down 2-1 during the third period (when the incident occurred). The possibility of losing might have been one of the reasons why Domi could have been looking to fight with someone, although, his hints at wanting a brawl weren't all that interesting to Ekblad, who actually ignored the tugging off his shirt and didn't want to partake in this fight.

Overall, something like this really brings in a larger issue, it shows us that sometimes people lose control and in the end, they need to face the consequences of their actions. The NHL is trying to handle this correctly and obviously doesn't want to encourage or allow fighting (at least when only one party is interested in it) and that makes sense. Still, many feel as though Domi's suspension wasn't nearly severe enough as he won't miss any regular season games, but considering he's so new to the Canadiens, missing out on pre-season action does hurt Montréal's ability to decide where he'll work best.


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