Former WWE Diva Melina Reveals Having Contemplated Suicide While With The Company

Former WWE Diva Melina Perez has opened up on the struggles she faced during her time with the company.

The 40-year-old signed on with WWE in 2004 but was released in 2011, before moving on to indie wrestling.

A guest on the latest Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia podcast, Melina would reveal that she suffered from depression after picking up an injury whilst still with WWE.

"I don’t really open up and talk about [the whole story] because one, I don’t people to imitate it and recreate it. I don’t want people to do that action," she said (h/t 411Mania).

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"It was during [WWE]. I think it was during my injury, my leg injury where all this stuff was going on, and I’m not wrestling. And all of a sudden I hated life. When it comes to the depression, when it comes to thinking about suicide, it’s a series of events. It’s not something that just happens.

"It’s a series of not just events, but also things you tell yourself. And you don’t think — everyone’s like, ‘Why can’t people think of who they’re affecting, they’re affecting everyone around them.’ And they get so angry about that. You think about the people around you, and you tell yourself they’re better off without you."

Melina also claimed that she was also the victim of sexual assault, although she didn't reveal whether or not it was WWE related.

"I remember having my brother tell me that," she explained. "He was never mean about it, but he would tell me, ‘You have everything. Why would you ever have your mind think about wanting to commit suicide?’ I said, ‘That’s the problem right there. Everything thinks I have everything, and I don’t.’

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"You don’t have great relationships. You have relationships that fail, and not just fail, you get cheated on or whatnot. You think there’s something wrong with you. And me, I also experienced sexual assault. So that plays a part, and you think, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ People don’t see that you’re suffering, and they just dismiss it because apparently money and being in the public eye means that you have support and you don’t."

This is quite worrying especially when Ashley Massaro's recent suicide is taken into consideration. The former Diva also came out with sexual assault complaints during her time with the company but nothing ever materialized from them.

It just goes to show that money and fame does little to soothe certain hardships, no matter who you are.

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