Miami Heat Officially Sign Dwyane Wade After Long Wait

After months of waiting for a decision, the Miami Heat have announced they have officially signed Dwyane Wade to a new NBA contract.

Word came down over the weekend that Wade had decided to return to Miami for one more season. He said in a video he released on social media, "I've given this game everything that I have, and I'm happy about that. I'm going to give it, for one last season, everything else I have left."

A few days later, the Heat officially announced they have signed Wade to one last contract and Heat president Pat Riley said in a statement, “We are very delighted that Dwyane decided to return.” He added, “I believe that Dwyane can play a big part in us winning, that’s what he is all about. I’m glad he’s back.”

It took all summer for Wade to make a decision and despite speculation he was going to retire or play in China for a big-money contract, Wade's heart was still in the NBA with the Heat. Now 36, has spent nearly all of his 15-year NBA career with the organization after being selected with the fifth overall pick in the 2003 draft. His NBA career has been highlighted by 12 All-Star appearances, eight All-NBA nods, and three NBA championships.

What role Wade plays with the team is unclear. From everything the team is saying, he will have a large role in the organization. But, with a cupboard full of guards and much talk that his game isn't what it once was, it will be interesting to see if he can have the same impact he used to as one of the game's top players.

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Wade’s new contract with the Heat will be worth the veteran’s minimum ($2,393,887) for one season and count for about $1.51 million on Miami’s cap. It's a relatively low-risk gamble for the franchise and if Wade can muster some of his old magic, could be a huge win for the team in the right situations.

Expect many of the games Wade appears in this season to be tribute games that say an official goodbye to one of the game's most memorable players over the last decade.


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