Michael Porter Jr Says Liking Insulting Luka Doncic Post Was An Accident

After what appeared to be a brewing beef between two NBA Rookie of the Year candidates — Luka Donic and Michael Porter Jr. — Porter Jr. addressed the rumors calling the entire situation blown up and accidental.

During an interview with ESPN.com's Chris Forsberg, Porter said that he was scrolling through social media and he accidentally liked a comment. "So what's crazy is that blew up," Porter said. "Believe it or not, I'm scrolling through [a post about] the Rookie of the Year odds and I accidentally like a comment. This is the Euroleague MVP and I got nothing but respect for him. I was like, 'Man, I didn't want to come off like that.'"

The post in question was something that called Doncic — one of the favorites to win NBA ROTY honors — overrated. People immediately assumed when Porter liked the post, it was because Donic was getting a lot of love by insiders and Porter himself was being forgotten due to injuries that will leave his impact on the 2018-19 NBA season in question.

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Porter contends he did not intentionally like the post and that after realizing how it looked to the public, called and spoke directly to Doncic to resolve the situation.

Some may see this as a legitimate apology from Porter while others may argue it's rare players of his age don't know how to use social media or that it took him a while to make the claim it was an accident. Adding to the fact that his odds of winning the Rookie of the Year Award are not good, others might suggest he had plenty of motive.

It goes to show just how much social media can play a role in a young athlete's life. Porter himself didn't even make the comment, but by simply liking someone else's post, he's potentially now viewed as a player with an ax to grind.  Hopefully Porter is healthy enough that these two can settle any differences on the court.


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