Michelle McCool And Mick Foley Add To WWE Superstars' TSA Issues

We reported earlier that Seth Rollins tweeted out that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) went through his bags on a recent flight and stole some of his pre-planned organic meals. He was none too pleased, calling the TSA cowards and sarcastically hoping they enjoy the four meals they took.


Apparently, Rollins is not the only one associated with the WWE who has had issues as of late with the TSA.

Former WWE Superstar and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted that as a Delta flyer for many years and as part of the Million Miler Club, he's used to the waits and patdowns associated with going through security. What he wasn't prepared for was a recent trip in which one of the security guards went to town on his/her search and got to know Foley a whole lot better than the former "Mankind" was comfortable with.

He wrote,"Today’s agent was FAR more exploratory of my inner thighs/scrotum than any agent in the past. Not uncomfortable. Degrading." Foley's point was, there is some expectation that security must do their job and ensure the safety of people on a plane, but to essentially grope or sexually degrade a traveler is beyond acceptable.

Not alone in his issues, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool also chimed in and stated her frustration with the fact that she is a TSA pre-check client and despite having her pass to allow her a more comfortable trip through security, her pass has not worked one time since she received it over seven months ago.

Cleary Seth Rollins' post has got some people riled up. With the amount that these WWE Superstars travel, there are likely countless stories of frustrations with TSA. The security organization is not exactly known for getting things right. They either move too slowly to the point where people miss their flights or they move too quickly and let dangerous things through security.

Perhaps there is no answer to this issue, but it appears we're likely going to hear more about this TSA issue after Rollins opened the can of worms.

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