WWE HOFer Has Sights Set On Becoming 24/7 Champion At Raw's Reunion Show

Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 Title to the world two months ago, now he's coming to Raw's reunion show to take it back.

When Mick Foley unveiled the 24/7 Title back in May, it didn't get the reaction he had likely envisioned. The championship is effectively a modern-day version of the Hardcore Championship Foley helped make famous. So to have fans react to the 24/7 Championship in the way that they did, or didn't, must have left the Hall Of Famer feeling pretty hurt.

A lot can happen in two months, though. Foley unveiling the championship might not have been a big deal to the fans, but what R-Truth has done with it since certainly has been. Truth is a nine-time 24/7 Champion already, and his antics on WWE TV and social media have been can't miss. Plus, Drake Maverick is proving to be the perfect foil for the veteran.

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Every week, Truth has found himself running from a crowd of Superstars on Raw and SmackDown. This Monday at Raw's reunion show, it looks like there will be one more face in that crowd. Foley's. On Saturday, The Hardcore Legend posted a photo of himself holding the 24/7 Title on Twitter. Part of the tweet along with the photo reads "I’m coming back to bring my baby home!"

When Foley first unveiled the title and explained its rules, he hinted that returning stars might well fancy chasing it. It seems as if Foley will be the first to put that into practice. Trouble is, Monday's Raw will literally be crawling with past WWE Superstars. We can't imagine Foley is the only one who will have intentions to become 24/7 Champion, even if it's just for the night or even for one segment.

Considering the history Foley has with titles that are on the line 24 hours a day, it would be fun to see him capture the 24/7 Title on Monday night. We're not sure we'd like to see him leave Raw with it, though. We predict that the title will bounce around a number of different legends on Raw, but some the end of the night, either Truth or Maverick will once again be 24/7 Champion.

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