Mick Foley Introduces 24/7 WWE Championship

After the highly-anticipated announcement, Mick Foley came out to start the third hour of Raw and introduced a 24/7 title.

Foley returned to Monday Night Raw after a lengthy absence to bring a new title to WWE. As he walked to the ring to introduce this new championship, he said over and over, it was time Raw went back to being "Raw".

With that, he called for a drum roll and revealed the a new green belt with a 24/7 in the middle of it. Called the 24/7 Title, his new championship would harken back to the time of the WWE Hardcore Title where it could be won or lost anywhere and at any time as long as a referee was present.

Foley added that all brands would be eligible. That included Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK.

Foley left the title in the middle of the ring and told everyone in the back that the first person to come and get their hands on the title would be the first title holder. After a melee that included names like EC3, Gallows and Anderson, No Way Jose, and Mojo Rawley, it was Titus O'Neil who came away with the belt. Announced the new champ, he barely made it up to the ramp before Robert Roode rolled Titus up from behind and the ref counted three.

Within two minutes, the title had two holders.

What This Means

This is nothing more than a way to get mid-card talent on the show and call for chaos. By the time the final twenty minutes of the show had rolled around, R-Truth had already won the championship from Roode.

What was interesting about the announcement was how silent the crowd fell when it was announced. The arena was so dead, Foley lost his train of thought. That's probably a sign of how the championship will be received.

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