Mike and Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE

Both hinted at leaving WWE when their contracts expired but it appears Maria and Mike Kanellis will be sticking with the company after all.

Over the past few weeks, WWE 205 Live Stars Mike and Maria Kanellis have made it fairly clear they were looking to depart from WWE when their mutual agreements ended. Specifically, Maria had been publicly obvious on social media when hinting they weren't staying. She wrote in one tweet, "Contracts are up in 3 weeks. Just saying..." The belief was that neither was happy with their spot in WWE and would be looking for greener pastures.

Whether the greener pastures weren't all that green or WWE backed up a U-Haul truck full of money, the husband and wife duo are staying despite their apparent unhappiness. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the duo were said to be happy with the final offers made to them by WWE and signed multi-year deals this weekend.

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Maria had denied saying she was leaving and it was possible she was just trolling her social media followers, but the news that both have signed comes as a bit of a shock.

What This Means

While rumors continue to swirl that many WWE Superstars will be seeking employment beyond WWE, there are a few things to remember that might surprise fans when wrestlers like Maria and Mike Kanellis stay after suggesting they're miserable.

First, money is hard to turn down. If the offers are there, wrestlers will, inevitably, forego their principles and take the financial security that comes with a WWE offer. Second, AEw might not want every single wrestler that becomes available.

If AEW doesn't seem interested and WWE is offering to pay people not to go there, more and more wrestlers will take advantage of the leverage gained by the existence of AEW and get better deals from WWE.

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